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hello [Jan. 21st, 2007|07:42 pm]
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hey everyone,  i'm new here.  i'm glad  that i found a place like this so that i can vent.  here's my story.   i spent the last year in a state psych, and about six months before that in short-term psychs.  my older brother nicholas molested me when i was little, and had become more and more controlling as he got older.  i had gotten a bf  a couple of years ago and he was my escape from my home.  when we broke up  i went in this downward spiral  of suicide attempts and self-injurious behaviors like cutting and anorexia.  after many fam. therapy sessions and a restraining order i finally went home.  i hope that here people can help keep me out of all the trouble i'm so used to since i'm free.  if anyone has experienced incest plssss comment. thank you all for reading.